Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast to host first-ever NA Legends Invitational

By Olivia Richman


Aug 20, 2023

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Riot has just announced its first-ever NA Legends Invitational.

Earlier today, the LCS introduced the NA Legends Invitational, hosted by Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang. The collaboration is the “first of its kind,” bringing together pros and streamers alike for a special event.

Disguised Toast has been making waves in the League of Legends esports scene after his team Disguised won the NACL Summer Split. This was after the passionate streamer struggled to get into Valorant and then apologized to fans on Twitter for poor performances. This event is yet another way for Disguised Toast to continue his journey in the League scene.

What is the NA Legends Invitational?

The NA Legends Invitational is a fun two-day talent showcase with a $10,000 prize. There will be four teams competing for glory, each featuring three streamers, one LCS player, and one NACL player.

Right now, the four captains have been announced but their teams are still a mystery. The captains include Aphromoo, Scarra, Sneaky, and Yassuo.

The team draft date is September 3, which is most likely around when all of the teams will be announced. The event itself is September 16 and 17th. You can watch it on Disguised Toast’s Twitch channel.

“It’s been incredible to work with Disguised Toast over the last few months. Between the showmatch and the success of Disguised in the NACL split, we’ve seen community support, passionate fandom, and, simply, some really fun League of Legends matches. We’re excited for this upcoming tournament and to continue the crossover between content creators and League esports,” NACL director Zack Elliot stated.

Added Disguised Toast: “This event is a unique opportunity to bring the entire community together so hopefully everyone can enjoy the show whether you’re a new or old fan of LoL.”


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