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Disguised Toast denies his team cheated in Twitch Rivals Rust

By Olivia Richman


Apr 18, 2022

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The streaming community was disheartened when a Twitch Rivals Rust tournament meant to be fun ended in chaos and drama.

Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle was billed as a lighthearted competition between multiple regions, even bringing in Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang as a team captain for a North American squad full of popular streamers. But the final day of action was canceled after Toast and his team realized that the Twitch rules had changed, no longer allowing them to raid the bases of the Spanish team.

This was a huge shock to Disguised Toast and teammate Felix “xQc” Lengyel. Raiding is a massive part of Rust, a popular survival game that big-name streamers have been grinding as part of the event. Some Spanish streamers had allegedly felt North America wasn’t “respecting” their region and had refused to continue playing, canceling the third day of competition.

Disguised Toast has now come forward to debunk some of the rumors floating around regarding the ongoing controversy.

Disguised Toast reacts to Twitch Rivals Rust cheating drama

Many fans Spanish of Spanish streamers who felt “disrespected” during the Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle have continued supporting those streamers following the drama. Some have even brought up alleged clips of a Rust admin from North America cheating, but Disguised Toast decided to debunk the claim.

In a clip, Toast asks a Rust admit to give him a skinned version of a gun he was already holding in his hand. The admin agreed, leading Spanish streamers and some of their fans to misconstrue the clip and claim Toast was asking for a weapon.

“You know what’s the worst part? Look at the top left. The event was over. This was after the Spanish team announced they were quitting,” Disguised Toast said of the clip in question.

Some Spanish fans claimed in recent days that North Americans were getting extra help from the Rust admins. Spanish fans also claimed that the “no raid” rule was there from the beginning, but that North American players were finding ways to bend it to their advantage, and that admins had allowed this to happen. But other fans pointed to Spanish players allegedly getting help at the end of the game as well, asking admins for rockets.

Why are North American and Spanish fans upset after Twitch Rivals Rust?

Following the early conclusion of Twitch Rivals Rust, many fans of streamers involved with the North American team have accused the Spanish fans of being victims of gaslighting, saying that they’ve been “brainwashed” by the Spanish streamers. The word “propaganda” has been thrown around across social media. Some Spanish streamers that have been accusing the North American team of “admin abuse” have been called toxic and even harmful given some of their claims.

Some of the involved Spanish streamers have continued to claim that Twitch is set against them and that others outside of the country simply don’t have any respect for the region. Some have even gone so far as to say that the North American players are inherently “racist” based on historical conflicts, though this seems one of the biggest stretches yet claimed by either side in the drama.

While Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle has come to an end, the resulting drama and controversy is still flowing across social media.


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