Diretide battle pass out for Dota 2 with Crystal Maiden persona

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The Diretide battle pass has brought a new game mode, immortal treasure, persona, and source of free arcanas to Dota 2.

Part two of The International 2022 battle pass has been released on its expected date of November 3. The content update keeps levels from the previous battle pass while adding the Diretide game mode, a new set of immortals, and new ways to get free cosmetics. Here are all the newest features and a closer look at the new Crystal Maiden persona.

The biggest addition of the update is the new Diretide game mode, which has considerable differences from its last incarnation in 2020. In this mode, players play as greevils on a quest to get candy. Roshan represents the biggest threat of the new game mode, but players can earn free battle pass levels and more by playing it.

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The second major addition is the Candyworks, which allows players to convert their candy sacks into sets to trade for rare cosmetics. Rewards include battle pass levels, immortal treasures, and potentially even more coveted items. With all the arcanas running around in matchmaking, the Candyworks is an opportunity to claim a second high-end cosmetic.

Diretide battle pass Queen of Pain ultra rare immortal

Finally, the Diretide battle pass update finally reveals the contents of Immortal Treasure 2 and the second cavern crawl. The new treasure includes single-slot cosmetics for Broodmother, Huskar, Necrophos, Dark Seer, Dragon Knight, Disruptor, and Queen of Pain. Huskar and Necrophos have gold version while Queen of Pain gets the coveted ultra rare slot. The Bloodfeather Finery wings come with a special Scream of Pain effect as well as a custom taunt.

Crystal Maiden persona releases for Diretide battle pass

The flashiest cosmetic in the Diretide battle pass is the Crystal Maiden persona Conduit of the Blueheart.

The makeover turns Crystal Maiden into a magical wolf, completely reworking her entire model with a new voice and spell effects. Conduit of the Blueheart’s If used with the arcana, the Icewrack Wolf Pup will continue to follow the player around.

Diretide battle pass Crystal Maiden persona

The promised Razor arcana has also not been released, though it should come out well before Diretide ends on January 12, 2022. Both the Crystal Maiden persona, along with its Void and Phantom Assassin predecessors, will also be available until early 2023. Based on the lack of battle pass-locked arcanas in the Candyworks, they will possibly never be available again.


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