CSGO YouTuber WarOwl

Did WarOwl just leak the CSGO Source 2 port release date?

By Steven Rondina


Jun 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive YouTuber WarOwl may have leaked details regarding the long-awaited Source 2 port of CSGO.

During a recent stream, WarOwl was talking with fans regarding map-making in CSGO. WarOwl has dabbled with map designs since 2019, and a fan commented that he ought to try map editing tool Hammer++, which is a mod pack for Hammer, the map editing tool used for Source games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. WarOwl responded to the recommendation in surprising fashion, saying why he wouldn’t be doing that.

“I’m honestly waiting for the Source update in August so that, oh I shouldn’t have said that, so that I can do Hammer 2 with a new map that I can make,” WarOwl said.

WarOwl seemingly let slip that a Source 2 port of CSGO is coming in August, and this immediately raised an eyebrow with CSGO players. WarOwl’s August release date is notable as CSGO turns 10 years old on August 21.

CSGO currently runs in Source, Valve’s 2004 game engine. It was succeeded in 2015 by Source 2. Despite what WarOwl said, there isn’t actually a Hammer 2, but games that utilize Source 2 have different tools compared to their Source counterparts. 

CSGO fans have long been hoping for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be ported to Source 2, something that Valve did with Dota 2 all the way back in 2015. Though the actual impact of a Source 2 port isn’t yet clear, the expectation is that it would allow for better graphics on powerful PCs.

Would WarOwl know about a Source 2 port of CSGO?

After seven years of unfulfilled hopes, fans are naturally skeptical at the notion that a Source 2 update for CSGO is inbound. The slip was chalked up by many as trolling by WarOwl. Others wondered whether WarOwl would even have access to that sort of information.

It’s not unusual for developers to bring in prominent content creators and pro players to give their thoughts on new projects. Valve doesn’t always do this, but it wouldn’t be unusual for a figure like WarOwl to have a level of inside information.

Regardless of WarOwl’s prospective insider status, there have been numerous hints that something big is coming to CSGO. Hidden files in the game suggest that there are numerous graphical and gameplay overhauls already partly set up. There was also an odd “test” post on the CSGO blog that raised an eyebrow with fans. 

Ultimately, fans should take a “believe it when you see it” approach to CSGO in Source 2 at this point. There is some cause for optimism, but CSGO players have already been waiting for a very long time.