CSGO Source 2 code hints at vehicles, ray tracing, new crouch

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New Source 2 code hints at big things for the future of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Source 2 rumors are flaring up again, and new code strings added to the Valve engine may hint at some exciting future features. A keen-eyed Valve fan has discovered several new strings in Source 2 that may refer to CSGO. Among them are references to drivable vehicles, a reworked crouch system, and fancy new graphics options. Here’s what the code says and how likely each addition is to be true.

The new code was found and analyzed by CSGO content creator ‎Gabe Follower. By searching through an update for Dota 2, they discovered that Source 2 had received multiple updates that could be connected to CSGO. The new code makes references to bullet impacts, drivable vehicles, and new mechanical changes.

Drivable vehicles are already available on some CSGO Workshop maps, though Valve has never made any specifically for the tactical shooter. Vehicles would probably be exclusive to the Danger Zone game mode. Cars, motorcycles, and even tanks could also be part of a future game mode unlike anything CSGO has ever seen. 

The Source 2 CSGO code also hints at mechanical changes including an overhaul to the crouch mechanic. Gabe Follower speculates that instead of the current tick system, CSGO on Source 2 will use a client-side percentage system. This will make crouching look and feel smoother for both the player crouching and the AWPer whose shots they are ducking.

CSGO could include ray tracing in Source 2

CSGO fans largely want Source 2 for its advanced graphics, and the code found by Gabe Follower hints at even more features to come. Some strings hint at possible ray tracing, which is a feature that recreates reflections from light sources. If accurate, it would also make CSGO the first Source 2 game to have ray tracing. Content creator 3kliksphillip has simulated ray tracing in CSGO before, and the results are very impressive.

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The possible ray tracing feature also ties into a bunch of new graphic options related to the skybox. CSGO map creators on Source 2 could be able to customize the color and irradiance of the sky on top of advanced lighting controls. The string also includes “Self-Illumination Scale & Tint,” which could refer to players or skins becoming light sources.

This all sounds great for CSGO fans, but it’s important to remember that these are just code updates to the Source 2 engine and are not confirmed to be part of CSGO. These strings could refer to a different game, possibly even an entirely new Valve project. It could also just be a test by Valve developers, so don’t let these leaks define your expectations just yet.