new Valorant map

Devs drop hints about new Valorant map, night maps, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant developers have finally shared plans for upcoming new maps. It seems that night versions of maps aren’t entirely off the table despite some potential visual issues.

The Valorant map pool is a relatively small one with only seven locations, all of which are set in bright daylight. Developer Riot Games has set each map apart with gimmicks and features. But Valorant players still want more spice, and the devs are all for it. 

In a recent discussion on social media, the dev team has dropped some hints about the next new Valorant map and has clarified that night maps aren’t out of the equation. 

What’s the next Valorant map? 

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According to ManWolfAxeBoss, clues for the new Valorant map are in the Fracture emails. earlier unearthed the evidence for map eight from these Fracture emails. A geo-dome location may soon host the battle between the defenders and attackers in Valorant. 

Riot Games has been using Fracture to funnel emails and hints about Valorant lore. The developer dropped a clue about the upcoming map in one of these emails. The computers in Fracture received a new note from a mysterious Oran McEneff, who K-SEC Team previously welcomed into the Everett-Linde facility. Oran teased a new location with a city-wide geodome.

“Hearing about your world was incredible! I can’t believe you have a city-wide geodome, truly a modern wonder,” Oran wrote.

ManWolfAxeBoss has confirmed that the upcoming location will be based on this theme. It remains to be seen how Riot tackles this round location as it has already delivered an H-shaped map with an interesting dual spawn. 

Will Valorant have a night map? 

A night map in Valorant might actually happen, the developer has said. However, it may not enter the mix anytime soon. 

All advanced five-versus-five first-person shooters have maps designed to suit competitive gameplay. Clear visibility is a top priority for map designers, but players have been recreating these locations with darker looks since the genre was introduced. Valorant developer dad_squad seems to be indulging in this idea. 

“As far as nighttime maps goes, maybe someday? Artists always love making stuff at night time, but it’s a tricky balancing act to make a map look like night but also have enough clear visibility for gameplay,” dad_squad said. 

So a darker map is a possibility in Valorant. However, the team would have to work around the map to make it playable in a competitive setting. If Valorant developers find a way around the visibility issue, a nighttime map may actually become a reality.