Tuscan map CSGO

Developers reveal revamped CS 1.6 Tuscan map for 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike map makers are kicking the nostalgia into high gear in 2022. Classic Counter-Strike map Tuscan is all set to enter the game with a brand new look. 

Rumors of Tuscan’s return stirred in 2020, piquing the interest of many lapsed fans. The CS 1.6 map will return with a new look polished by map developers Brute and Catfood. 

The new-look Tuscan map has been in beta testing since the first half of 2021, with only a few professional players and creators having access. Later, Mapcore announced that it would be providing exclusive hubs for players to try out Tuscan while it’s in beta testing. Some players have already walked through the ancient alleys of the previously sandy location. 

The developers have revealed the first teaser for the official Tuscan map that will enter CSGO in 2022. It looks drastically different than the one players adored in 1.6. The new-look Tuscan isn’t coated in dust, but lush grass and vivid buildings add a touch of life. Instead of raggedy alleys, the streets are built with cobblestone with colorful buildings lining the edges.

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Tuscan 1.6’s classic palm trees are also a rare sight. Boxes, crates, and barrels are scattered across the whole location, adding tons of details.

Old Tuscan didn’t have much to offer scenery-wise, but Catfood has gone all-out for the new map. The developer even hung tiny lights on the trees, something so unlike 1.6’s dusty location. While visuals saw a drastic change, Catfood ensured that older players wouldn’t get lost in the prettier map. The developer has kept the same map layout as the original one. The choke points, turns, hiding corners, and bomb points are precisely as they were in Tuscan 1.6. 

Is Tuscan a CT-sided map? 

Tuscan has historically been a balanced map, so it’s not CT-sided or T-sided in any profound way.

Design-wise not much has changed, so Tuscan’s 2022 iteration will likely stay a balanced location, though it may edge ever so slightly in favor of the CT side. This remote location is laden with choke points and angles to hide, making it convenient for CTs to shoot down enemies. That said, the T side have the same benefits in retake situations.

When is Tuscan coming to CSGO? 

According to Catfood, Tuscan will be added to CSGO in the first half of 2022.

The exact date is unknown, but the developer is now adding final touches to complete the new-look Tuscan for CSGO. Fans can start getting excited for it, and it will most likely get some manner of official matchmaking support upon arrival.