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Destiny banned by Twitch for sharing staffer’s personal info

By Olivia Richman


Oct 7, 2021

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Political streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnel has been suspended from Twitch.

On October 7, Destiny told his fans on Discord that he was suspended for showing a Twitch employee’s email address. This happened during a stream the previous day when Destiny was discussing the massive security breach and salary leak at Twitch. The leak also included a list of creators that Twitch allegedly refuses to ban.

While discussing that there are “unbannable” creators on Twitch, Destiny shared screenshots of the leak, which included a list of corporate emails for the allegedly unbannable creators to reach out to if they ran into any violations. During the stream, Destiny read one of the emails.

Later on, fans started noticing that Destiny’s Twitch account was missing. When informed of the issue, Destiny sent an update to fans on Discord: “My Twitch account just got suspended for sharing personal information…???”

Destiny is technically the first notable streamer to be banned from Twitch for discussing the enormous leak that occurred on October 6. Though the situation is an ugly one for Twitch, offering hard numbers regarding streamer income as well as details regarding the deliberately uneven moderation standards, Twitch hasn’t been taking an aggressive stance on it. Many notable streamers have discussed the leak on-air, with some even flaunting their rankings based on income.

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Destiny reacts to Twitch ban over employee email dox

Destiny didn’t seem too pleased with Twitch’s decision to suspend him over the email situation. Destiny told fans that he figured every Twitch domain email was considered “semi-public,” as the Twitch employee emails are effectively just their first initial and last name.

Destiny is no stranger to drama on Twitch thanks to his controversial political takes. He had his Twitch partnership removed in 2020 after expressing his wish that Black Lives Matter “be mowed down” by “redneck militia dudes.”

It’s unclear how long Destiny will be booted off Twitch this time around. Due to his already frosty relationship with Twitch, a permanent ban from the platform isn’t impossible but is unlikely.


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