Despite money flex, Ninja can’t keep up in Fall Guys bidding war

Olivia Richman • August 19, 20:56

Fall Guys may not be as competitively viable as Fortnite, but the new battle royale is creating quite the competition on Twitter. 

In a bid to raise money for Special Effect, a UK-based charity that supports gamers with disabilities around the world, Fall Guys is offering an in-game skin created for the person who donates the most to the cause. 

One of the first big donations came from G2 Esports, who offered $130,000 to get a G2 skin in the game. 

The big donation inspired other big names in esports to come forward with their own bid. Fortnite superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins decided to offer $200,000 for a Ninja skin to be in Fall Guys. He already has a Ninja skin in Fortnite, but Ninja couldn’t resist the possibility of having his signature blue and yellow skin in Fall Guys, too. 

The response to Ninja’s bid was mixed. Some gamers couldn’t wait to get their hands on another Ninja skin, while others expressed fear at Ninja having a skin in yet another popular game.

But Ninja’s followers didn’t have to argue for long. G2 came in with a $203,003 bid minutes after. The esports organization was not willing to give up the idea of its own Fall Guys skin just yet. 

Ninja came back with a winning bid of his own. Fans continued to debate Ninja’s net worth as he kept coming back with bigger bids. Some fans even referenced Ninja’s money flex back in April, where he told his haters that he could “literally buy their house from the bank.” 

Noticing the intense back and forth, YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson decided to throw his hand in the ring. MrBeast raised the bid to $300,000 because of the meaningful charity behind the bidding war. 

At seeing the godly $300,000, Ninja posted a gif that said he was “surrendering.” Fans continued to heckle him, noting how he “had millions” and could “buy their house.” They asked him why he wouldn’t just keep the bidding war going. 

But Ninja may have picked a great time to back out of the insanity. G2 Esports decided to come back with a $330,003 bid soon after. 

It seems as though this bidding war is not yet over. G2 is currently in the lead, but for how long? 

Fall Guys also beat League of Legends as the “most-watched” game of 2020. As the game becomes bigger and bigger, there’s no telling who else might get involved and how much they will be willing to bid, not only to help charity but also to get their skin in this popular new title.


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