denis rejoins Sprout, replaces mirbit for ECS Pinnacle Clup

Olivia Richman • September 3, 12:00

Denis “denis” Howell’s return to Sprout has completed the organization’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. 

denis left for BIG just under four months ago, replacing Johannes “nex” Maget while he took time off due to wrist issues. The 25-year-old CSGO pro attended four LAN events as BIG’s AWPer, despite previously playing primarily as a rifler. While the team actually did well at these events, denis didn’t seem too upset about leaving BIG to return to Sprout. 

During my short time at BIG and even way before, I learned a lot. I have found myself reflecting on many things: I want to change my personality, my mental preparation, my work ethic and how I want to proceed in general. I want to prove my own game and the team’s game,” denis said. 

denis went on to say that he was “really confident” and “extremely motivated again, especially after what happened in these last three months.” 

The organization also seemed please with denis’ return to the line-up. In a tweet, Sprout called him a veteran. 

“After a trip abroad we’re glad that he returns to where he belongs and rejoins our ranks.
Undoubtedly, big challenges are ahead, but continuing our journey with him we are ready to face them – we’ve got your back Denis!” the organization said. 

denis will be replacing Sabit mirbit Coktasar, who was part of Sprout for eight months. Even though Sprout qualified for the ESL Pro League, mirbit seemed unhappy with some of the team’s major changes. 

“[We were] the most successful Sprout lineup of all time. We had different views on further development and approaches to certain aspects. On top of that, the departure of our coach tow b played a significant role in my decision due to him being a great mentor and friend to me,” mirbit said in his announcement. 

The new Sprout roster, complete with denis, will be competing at the ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Clup on September 10. Later this month, the team will attend the Games Clash Masters with $100,000 on the line. 


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