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Decidueye’s Pokemon Unite release date revealed after leak

By Olivia Richman


Nov 12, 2021

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The Pokemon community has accurately predicted the addition of Decidueye in Pokemon Unite.

The team behind the Pokemon MOBA confirmed that Decidueye is joining the growing roster in Pokemon Unite. According to an official tweet, Decidueye will be available on November 19.

What are Decidueyes attacks in Pokemon Unite?

A recent leak revealed Decidueye’s abilities in Pokemon Unite.

Decidueye will have its signature ghost and grass moves in Pokemon Unite, starting with Astonish and Leafage. Astonish is a missile that not only damages opponents but slows them down. Leafage deals damage in a cone shape while simultaneously boosting Rowlet’s attack speed.

As Decidueye levels up, Astonish can be swapped for Leaf Storm or Shadow Sneak. Leaf Storm damages and pushes enemies away from Decidueye, allowing the owl Pokemon to deal bonus damage with its passive, which increases attack damage based on an opponent’s distance. Shadow Sneak damages the enemy it attaches to and applies a slow debuff while Decidueye’s attack speed is increased.

Leafage can change into either Razor Leaf or Spirit Shackle. Razor Leaf boosts Decidueye’s damage and attack speed, and allows Decidueye to hit multiple targets with each attack. Spirit Shackle is a charged missile attack that damages and slows enemies it hits. If those enemies try to move, they are dealt even more damage.

Decidueye’s Unite Move is Nock Nock, which is effectively a super-charged version of Bulbasaur’s Razor Leaf attack. It deals increased damage to opponents with lower health. The final arrow barrage will deal another extra burst of damage.

All of these moves make Decidueye a strong ranged attacker that can incapacitate enemies with ease. The moveset offers a lot of synergy with other Pokemon as well since they can take advantage of the slowed opponents.

Players react to Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

Decidueye doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone following Pokemon Unite. The entire character was leaked before the announcement when a data miner discovered it in the game’s files. This has been a pretty common occurrence for the Pokemon MOBA, with Sylveon being fully completed and leaked weeks in advance of its official release, leading to some frustrated feedback from fans.

A few days later, Pokemon Unite officially hinted at the Pokemon’s arrival in the game with a cryptic tweet. But the tweet showed Decidueye’s signature glowing arrows and included its attack name, leaving it obvious that Decidueye was the next Pokemon on the Unite roster.

While Decidueye’s official reveal wasn’t met with any shock, it’s a Pokemon that many have wanted in the game for a while, leading to a lot of positive feedback. A lot of Pokemon Unite players applauded the eventual arrival of the owl since it’s not only a popular Pokemon but appears to be quite powerful in the game.


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