Decidueye moves, abilities leaked in Pokemon Unite update

By Steven Rondina


Nov 12, 2021

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Pokemon Unite data miners have discovered a fully operational build of Decidueye in the game’s files.

The Sun and Moon starter’s release might be coming sooner than most were expecting. The Pokemon Company teased the Pokemon’s release just a few days ago, but Decidueye is already a part of Unite. Though players can’t access it yet, some have unlocked the Pokemon in the mobile version of the game.

A YouTuber recently showed off what Decidueye looks like in action, and it’s unlike anything seen in Pokemon Unite to date.

More than any other Pokemon in the game, the grass-ghost type looks and plays like a carry from traditional MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Decidueye acts as something of a mix of Dota 2’s Drow Ranger and Troll Warlord, and has tools that will likely be recognizable for LoL players as well.

The centerpiece of Decidueye’s abilities is its passive, which serves two purposes. First, it increases attack damage based on how far away the opponent is from Decidueye. Second, Decidueye gains a stack of attack speed for a short time with each successful attack.

While having a strong passive is noteworthy in its own right in Pokemon Unite, Decidueye’s passive is amplified further by the fact that its abilities all synergize with it in some way.

What are Decidueye’s moves in Pokemon Unite?

Decidueye has a mix of ghost and grass moves, starting with Astonish and Leafage.

Leafage is a standard AOE attack that deals damage in a cone shape and boosts Rowlet’s attack speed. Astonish is a skillshot missile that damages and slows the opponent.

Leafage can be turned into either Razor Leaf or Spirit Shackle. Razor Leaf gives Decidueye a damage and attack speed boost alongside a split-shot modifier that lets the Pokemon hit multiple targets with each attack. Spirit Shackle is a charged missile attack that deals damage, slows any enemy hit by it, and deals damage if the enemies try to move.

Astonish can be turned into either Leaf Storm or Shadow Sneak. Leaf Storm deals damage and pushes enemies away from Decidueye, allowing it to deal bonus damage with its passive. Shadow Sneak randomly latches onto an enemy in its AOE, dealing damage and applying a slow debuff while boosting Decidueye’s attack speed.

Decidueye’s Unite Move is Nock Nock, a channeled AOE move similar to Bulbasaur’s Razor Leaf. It deals damage in a rectangular AOE extending out from Decidueye that deals increased damage to low-health opponents. The final barrage also deals an extra burst of damage.

Decidueye is an intriguing addition to Pokemon Unite that offers a much greater focus on basic attacks relative to most others in the game.

When is Decidueye coming out?

Decidueye arrives in Pokemon Unite on November 19.

Following the leak, the Pokemon Unite team revealed official footage of Decidueye and confirmed the Pokemon would arrive just one week from its official reveal. The Pokemon should seriously shake up the meta and might be able to unseat staples such as Cinderace and Greninja.


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