Decidueye Unite

Pokemon Unite hints that Decidueye is joining roster

By Olivia Richman


Nov 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Unite fans are confident that Decidueye will be the next Pokemon to join the Pokemon Unite roster.

On November 8, the game’s official Twitter account stated that a Pokemon was “flying true like an arrow” into the arena. The hint was accompanied by a picture of arrows outlined in green energy raining down from the sky. While Pokemon didn’t mention which Pokemon was coming to Unite next, fans immediately thought of Decidueye.

Is Decidueye coming to Pokemon UNITE?

Pokemon Unite strongly suggested that Dedcidueye will be the next playable character in the game.

Decidueye is a mysterious stilt owl-like Pokemon that shoots arrows as one of its attacks. The Pokemon’s signature move is Spirit Shackle, which pins the opponent’s shadow, preventing them from being recalled. It’s easy to see how that could be applied to Pokemon Unite.

Data miners, who have typically made strong reads on new content, also found evidence suggesting that Decidueye was set to become part of Pokemon Unite’s roster. Now the only question remaining is when it will be released.

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Decidueye is the final evolution of Rowlet, the grass starter from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The adorable and round owl-like Pokemon is a fan favorite, along with its first evolution, Dartrix. These two previous evolutions will also be included in Pokemon UNITE if Decidueye is coming to the game, with the character evolving as it levels up in-game.

No other information has been officially revealed about Decidueye but fans will be awaiting updates from Pokemon in the coming days.

What new Pokemon will be in Pokemon UNITE?

No other Pokemon has been discussed by leakers or Pokemon itself, leaving fans anxiously awaiting more news on Decidueye’s appearance.

Rowlet was first seen in a Halloween promotional poster for the Pokemon MOBA. The starter appeared as a pumpkin carving.

Pokemon has done a good job of including upcoming playable Pokemon in videos and other content. If a new Pokemon were on the way, fans would most likely catch a glimpse of it in an update trailer, poster, or other promotional tools for Pokemon UNITE.