Darius buffs, Amumu nerfs, Bewitching skins in Patch 11.20 notes

Nicholas James • October 6, 13:12

Worlds 2021 may have only begun, but League of Legends’ live servers are already moving forward from it with patch 11.20.

The patch notes were released today, boasting a short list of impactful changes. With a lot of quality-of-life buffs for champions in 11.18, some of the top performers are being nudged back down the hierarchy.

LoL patch 11.20 nerfs Amumu, Jarvan IV, and Irelia

League of Legends’ saddest mummy is being made just a bit sadder, with damage and mana cost nerfs coming to Amumu’s Bandage Toss. The small undead had been making waves in the bottom lane after getting a second charge of his primary engage tool. Amumu support has already appeared at Worlds 2021.

Jarvan IV and Shen see nerfs to their passive, while Taliyah’s Q’s damage to monsters is being taken back slightly. Both Jarvan IV and Taliyah saw recent buffs that propelled them up in players’ priorities. The only other two champions being nerfed are Singed and Irelia in the top and mid lanes.

Both Irelia and Singed have been excelling in their solo lanes and both will see their damage output decreased with LoL patch 11.20. None of these champions have been hit hard enough to ruin their current status, most are soft taps downwards. Smite is receiving a small heal nerf, and both Gromp and Krugs will lose base AD to compensate for the lost health while clearing.

LoL junglers Darius, Elise, and Udyr getting buffed

Four champions will see buffs in Patch 11.20 with Darius, Elise, Hecarim, and Udyr all getting improved. With three-quarters of the changes coming to junglers, it’s clear Riot is trying to make up for the Smite change. Udyr’s Phoenix Stance is going back to where it was when Turbo Chemtank was in the competitive meta, while Elise receives some base defensive stats. Udyr’s rework may be incoming, but he’s stuck with his current kit for the time being.

Hecarim’s changes are likely the most impactful among the three junglers, with his W cooldown being reduced to a flat 18 seconds at all ranks. The maximum amount healed from it against minions and monsters was raised as well. This means Hecarim will be healing more and more often while clearing, which he needs to do as a power-farming jungler. Darius is receiving a similar buff that caps his W’s cooldown at a flat five seconds.

Imperial Mandate received minor damage buffs, and a long list of bugs were rectified, as per usual.

New Bewitching skins coming in LoL patch 11.20

Bewitching Nami and Fiora skins for LoL patch 11.20

The latest Halloween skins have dropped, with Bewitching Skins coming to live servers alongside all the balance changes. Poppy, Syndra, Nami, Yuumi, and Fiora will all get a spooky spin in this cosmetic line. Bewitching Morgana will also be receiving a prestige option that continues the pattern of dazzling shades of gold.

Even as the year winds to an end, Riot Games continues its steady stream of content for its flagship MOBA.


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