Cypher might be OP on Fracture thanks to these unique lineups

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Fracture’s complex underground design calls for a reliable Sentinel who can watch the backlines, but Cypher has the added bonus of being able to completely lock down flanks. 

Valorant’s seventh map has an interesting design that sandwiches defenders between attackers with the H-shaped layout. Coupled with an underground zip line feature, Fracture is one of the most complex maps in Valorant so far. 

While attackers on Fracture have an edge due to the double spawn, the underground area will have them watching their backs. This will likely see agents like Cypher and Killjoy able to do some big things on the map. 

Valorant player The sinner has discovered a one-way smoke for point A that will keep enemies at bay. 

One-ways are highly useful in smaller locations and entryways. Fortunately, Fracture is loaded with enclosed entry points, which should allow defenders to pause rushes safely. A one-way smoke and some other easily learned tricks can let Cypher really take over the map. 

For this cage lineup, stand at the corner of yellow Radianite boxes and place your crosshair at the left corner of the logo. Release the device, but don’t deploy it yet. You can set another on top to ensure that point A remains closed for a longer time. Look for the enemy’s intel, and activate the smokes as soon as you have the footsteps. 

The cage will block the opponent’s line of sight and provide you with a clear view of their lower body. Higher ranked enemies might dodge the first smoke and refrain from walking through it, but your second smoke should get you multiple kills. Activate the second smoke just as enemies start to rush again. They’ll find themselves trapped inside your one-way cage. 

Is Cypher a good agent on Fracture? 

Cypher is one of the best agents to run on Fracture in patch 3.05. The new location is almost unwinnable without a viable agent to cover flanks. Cypher can help his teammates effectively watch bomb points while he covers backlines with his tripwires and camera. 

Both Cypher and Killjoy might see a boost in their pick rates after the new map release. Fracture might not be the most expansive map, but its complex design offers various flank opportunities for cunning enemies, making Sentinels a must-pick.