Cypher buffs

Cypher camera trick on Haven can help destroy enemies

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 8, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Cypher is yet to be buffed in Valorant, but some players are already making huge plays with his current toolkit.

Some Valorant agents were spawned as all-powerful beings who barely had any counter in Project A. Riot Games’ efforts to balance the meta resulted in gradual but severe nerfs for such agents. So, for example, Cypher is no longer the master of intel and Reyna is struggling among the other duelists. But dedicated players know how to work these agents despite their underpowered kits.

This new Cypher trick is an excellent example that this agent could once again rise through the ranks. The Morrocan spy is using his camera and smoke to deceive the enemies and garner intel while he’s at it.

Use this Cypher setup on Haven’s A site instead of plain old cages and trips. In the round’s beginning, drop a cage at the corner of the buy phase screen and walk towards A-short. Stick your camera at the entrance of the short and stand in the far corner.

Activate your smoke as soon as you hear enemies rushing towards A site. The smoke will slip into the wall, covering the corner of A-short. Enemies won’t be able to spot you behind the cage, and you can comfortably use your camera from here. This is also a great spot to make a play and get kills. Once enemies have ignored you and broken into A-site, you may come out of cover and take them down.

This is an instrumental setup to dominate high-ranked lobbies. But make sure you do it sparingly. It’s a one-time trick and may not work once enemies have figured it out. They may start spamming the smoke’s corner the next time you try replicating it, resulting in instant death.

These tricks will no longer be required once Cypher is buffed in Valorant, which is happening soon.