CSGO update changes operation cards, adds Agent sleeves

By Nick Johnson


Dec 21, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Today’s CSGO update made a few changes to the Operation Shattered Web mission cards, as well as changing some of the operator’s first-person sleeves.

First, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team focused on Jungle for this week’s patch, making some optimizations and fixing some bugs around the Danger Zone map. Luckily, they also found and fixed an area of the map where players could fall through, meaning that Jungle is a little less dangerous of a danger zone than it used to be.

The development team also took care to fix a large number of translation issues in a multitude of languages, thanking the community for its help in the process.

Shattered Web models and first-person sleeves in CSGO

Next up, the developers added first-person sleeves to the Shattered Web agents. Not all of them are as interesting as the others, but the Seal Team 6 first-person sleeves are particularly cool with their camouflaged pattern.

While WIN.gg hasn’t tested the patch with all of Shattered Web’s custom models, the changes on SteamDB show the same number of textures and sleeves added to the game’s files as there are custom models in Shattered Web.

All Shattered Web card changes in CSGO update

The developers also changed some of the mission cards on the main menu screen to feature the new operators more prominently. Valve switched up the cards for Weeks 7-15, as well as changing some of the wording on the missions. Below, you’ll find the new and updated versions.

Valve also changed the capitalization for the titles of all of the mission cards. Before the update, some words were capitalized and some were not. Now, all of the card titles are in capital letters.

Valve has also increased the purple tint on the previous week’s cards, meaning that those images are harder to see. WIN.gg can confirm that they are the same, however.

This could be Valve shuffling the deck to make sure that data miners can’t tell for sure which week is which, especially considering last week’s leak of upcoming missions. It could also be the developer wanting to showcase their new merchandise and push the Operation Shattered Web to those new players coming in during the Steam winter sale. There’s no telling what’s in store for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, especially as fans and players start to approach the halfway point of CSGO’s ninth operation.

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