CSGO team with average age of 75 to receive national recognition

By Olivia Richman


May 29, 2021

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Ukraine is celebrating a unique Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that features an entire roster of players over the age of 66.

The Young Guard squad’s average age is 75 years and two months. The oldest player is almost 79 years old. This is definitely a sight to see in the competitive CSGO scene, where even being 30 years old is considered near retirement age for a pro player. But despite the stereotypes, Young Guard showed off their impressive mechanical skills and reaction times at a small LAN tournament in Odessa, Ukraine.

Even though the Young Guard didn’t win the tournament, the squad was hard to ignore. The National Register of Records in Ukraine heard of the older team competing against younger players and nominated them for a record in the National Register of Records. The nomination was within a section designated for the talent and accomplishments of the country’s elderly population. 

“This category has recently been actively organized, replenished with new participants, and every time we are surprised at the achievements that people are showing not at 50, not at 60, but for 70 years and more. It is always very valuable for us when people of this age are active,” Register head Lana Vetrova said.

This was the first time that the record books saw this kind of record. Young Guard wasn’t only nominated for their skills but for their “cheerfulness” and “optimism,” according to Vetrova. Each team member received certificates after they finished playing their matches. 

Young Guard may have taken inspiration from Silver Snipers, another CSGO team comprised entirely of elderly competitors. They have been one of the top senior teams in the world, even winning the CSGO Senior League tournament at DreamHack in 2020. Their youngest member was 64 at the time. Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Drakborg is 78 years old and one of their top players. 


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