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CSGO streamer loses thousands in unlucky capsule opening

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 5, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are no strangers to losing money over reckless gambling, but this streamer lost about $11,000.

In 2022, there are around 50 EMS Katowice 2014 Legends capsules lurking around in Steam inventories. Unfortunately, since they’re old, the game may run out of all remaining capsules very soon, ultimately making them cost a fortune. Buying a capsule worth $12,000 is risky, but players continue to put it all on stakes in hopes of making a profit. But most are met with disappointment

Most recently, Twitch streamer ohnePixel opened a Katowice 2014 Legends capsule but suffered a massive loss. The $12,000 capsule netted him a $300 Ninjas in Pajamas sticker. 

CSGO streamer blows thousands over Katowice capsule

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ohnePixel’s capsule opening has gone viral in the CSGO community for a heartbreaking reason. The streamer unlocked a capsule worth $12,000, hoping to claim a pricey sticker from the iconic, rare item. Instead, a cheap NiP sticker had him on the verge of tears as the slot machine paused just an inch away from the coveted Titan Holo. 

Before rolling the dice, the streamer had made it clear that he wanted to unlock a Titan Holo sticker, which is currently priced at $45,000. Getting the shiny sticker would have tripled his profit. What’s more heartbreaking is that the machine was just one slot away from the highly sought-after Titan Holo. 

While it was indeed a massive loss, ohnePixel’s viral video earned him the sympathies of gaming icons, including the official CSGO handle itself. It’s not every day that a streamer comes so close to bagging $50,000 only to end up with a $300 sticker.

Sticker capsules from CSGO tournaments are the ultimate holy grail. They’re rare, stacked, and continue to increase in value with time. The reason is simple: Valve rolls out these rare commodities for the duration of a big tournament. Then, once the event wraps up, the capsules leave the in-game store forever. Players can still acquire them through the trading and steam market, but not at the official rates. The rarer the capsule, the higher it costs. 


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