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xQc blows thousands in skins on failed Dragon Lore AWP trade-up

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 28, 2022

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Félix “xQc” Lengyel is no stranger to losing massive amounts of money on gambling, but his trade-up attempts for a Dragon Lore AWP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were a nightmare for any fan. 

Popular Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro xQc has garnered a fanbase of millions with his rage fits and high-risk trading habits. He may not be the best aimer in CSGO, but his inventory is already mouth-watering. Packed with rare items, xQc’s skins are a pipe dream for many CSGO players.

However, the former pro didn’t hesitate before putting a $2,000 skin among nine others on the line in hopes of getting a coveted AWP. In his recent stream, xQc attempted to unlock a Dragon Lore AWP and failed terribly. The streamer lost some of the most expensive skins in his inventory to CSGO’s risky trade-up system. 

xQc loses thousands of dollars to CSGO trade-up 

In CSGO, Dragon Lore is the ultimate holy grail for skin traders and streamers. Live trade-ups are a ritual for popular streamers, but many have lost big bucks in attempts to attain the golden AWP. xQc is the latest in the long list of streamers who have suffered losses while trading. 

xQc CSGO trade

On his latest stream, xQc created a collection of 10 skins, hoping to get a Dragon Lore. The potential outcomes from the trade-up contract are directly related to what you select. Because of the enormous price tag of the skin, the skins that can be used to get one also carry a high price tag.

xQc only had a 10% chance of getting the Dragon Lore AWP based on what he traded in. Despite the risk involved, the streamer rolled the proverbial dice. Unfortunately, he landed on snake eyes. 

He received an SSG Blood in the Water worth around $50, whereas he was aiming for Dragon Lore which sells at $14,000. His 10 skins that the game destroyed to whip up the SSG weren’t cheap either. xQc’s M4A1-S Knight was worth over $2,000, and M4A4 Poseidon bears a price tag of $1,400. Simply put, xQc suffered a massive loss. 

The streamer doesn’t often care about these losses and has admittedly blown millions in casinos already. He genuinely looked bummed over this one, though. Viewers in the chat had expected this outcome. Experienced CSGO traders knew that xQc’s approach towards getting the skin was flawed in multiple ways. 

xQc’s trade lineup had three UMP Fade skins and only one M4A4 Knight. For the sake of comparison, Anomaly successfully traded up for the skin by using six P90 Cold Blooded and 4 Knight skins to acquire a Dragon Lore. Whatever the case, the new loss might keep xQc away from risky CSGO trading for a while now. 


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