Become a CSGO action star with these coop Workshop maps

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Coop maps are the perfect way to unwind from a long day of grinding ranked in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The CSGO Workshop is full of amazing user-created content. From in-depth aim trainers to crosshair generators, there’s a tool to solve nearly every problem CSGO players might run into, including boredom. Coop maps are a perfect way to lighten the mood after a few tough competitive matches. The low-stakes gameplay and simple premise make them a great way to pop some heads while mellowing out with friends. Here are three of the best coop Workshop maps available to play in CSGO.

Play Hotline Miami in CSGO in Hotline (Co-Op)

Fighting your way through a mafia-controlled nightclub is a ton of fun in Hotline Miami, and it’s just as entertaining in CSGO. Hotline (Co-Op) by Moffein and KoobyKarasu recreates the indie thriller in CSGO complete with custom levels, hordes of enemies, and neon lights as far as the eye can see. 

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This map includes three different levels to play through with escalating difficulty in each. The shootouts take place at a mafia front, a nightclub, and finally a shipping yard. Just like the original Hotline Miami, the goal is to secure an objective, return to the start, and shoot everything that gets in the way.

Crazy Horror Map PLUS is a terrifying CSGO coop map

The Source engine is known for being creepy sometimes, but a few fan creations really push the limit. Crazy Horror Map PLUS by YarFunnyStar and kEam is among the best horror coop maps in CSGO with tons of content and interactable environments. At around a half-hour of content, there’s a ton of secret and scares to find.

The map includes tons of puzzles with custom dialogue to lead the players through a haunted mansion. An elevator serves as the central hub for much of the adventure, making it easy to navigate through the halls. And not every location will be the exact same throughout a run. The map includes virtually no combat, so there’s no need to replay sections or restart the game.

Coop_mission_western adds a horse chase to CSGO

Coop_mission_western by CTX” and Jarro transports players to the Old West in the middle of a very heated barroom brawl. The standout feature of this map is a group of ridable horses, some of which even draw a carriage. After fighting their way out of town, players must race a train to get out alive.

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What really makes this map stand out is the effort put into telling a story. There are named characters that appear multiple times and cutscenes that mark the transitions between levels. There’s even voice acting. Between the custom vehicles and stellar direction, Coop_mission_western is easily one of the best coop maps on the CSGO Workshop.