Doodle Lore removed after community accuses CSGO of stealing art

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 16, 2023

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The CSGO Revolution bundle packed jaw-dropping skins, but the popular AWP Doodle Lore is no longer a part of it. 

In February, Valve churned out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s one of greatest skin cases in Revolution. The set stored vibrant items with detailed art on them. One of the skins even looks like a ripe banana. But, the AWP Doodle Lore by Jimmba caught the player’s attention. Painted with doodles of hearts, flowers, an MVP trophy, and a brightly-colored dragon, the skin was an instant hit.

Unfortunately, Valve has reversed the release, adding a different AWP to the collection. AWP Duality will replace Doodle Lore. 

Why did CSGO remove AWP Doodle Lore? 

Soon after the Revolution case was unveiled, fans of a popular CSGO artist recognized a familiar artwork. The upbeat Doodle Lore with a giant dragon was deemed “stolen” by the community. The original artist, Vexx, soon claimed the art as his own as well, saying they would file DMCA. 

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Consequently, Valve had to remove Revolution’s most popular skin, replacing it with Duality. Those who already purchased the case will notice that the Doodle Lore has been replaced with new skin, and the set is now available with Duality instead.

Unsurprisingly, players don’t like it.

Doodle Lore is a pink skin with dragons and flowers crowding the exterior. Duality has a similar dragon, but players prefer a more varied aesthetic and color palette. Unlike Doodle Lore’s bright pink scope, Duality has an antique scope with traditional patterns. The skin looks much better in-game, but the images available are nothing to write home about. 

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Besides the visuals, players are confused about the float value as well. The float value of the AWP | Doodle Lore ranges from 0.00 to 0.80, which makes the skin available in all exteriors. Whereas, Duality has a wear range between 0.00 and 0.70. So, If Valve doesn’t tweak the cap, then any duality between 0.7 and 0.8 floats will become exceedingly rare and expensive. Those who own a Duality with 0.8 rarity might try to cash it out.

But, Valve has been informed about the disparity, and it’s being looked into.

The CSGO community is now split on the Duality and Doodle Lore. Some like the new skin, whereas others are still hooked on the pink AWP. The original artist of the Doodle Lore has also offered to redesign the skin if Valve wants. Who knows? The Valve may accept the offer and re-release the controversial Doodle Lore to CSGO. 

In any case, the Revolution case and Duality skin will be worth in gold in the future. Skin collectors and traders may want to invest in these items while they are still fairly cheap. 


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