CSGO Revolution Case: All the new skins and golds

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After more than seven months with no new skins, the Revolution Case is here to end the drought in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CSGO began setting a new record for the longest time between case releases in late 2022, with nothing new for more than 220 days after the Recoil Case dropped. Now that dry spell has finally ended with the release of the Revolution case. This new set of skins includes two very flashy reds for the AK-47 and M4A4, with several eye-catching options further down the rarity tiers. It’s also possible to open some fancy new gloves if you’re lucky enough to get gold. Here are all the new CSGO skins arriving in the Revolution Case on February 9, 2023.

New skins added to CSGO in the Revolution Case

Here are images for all the new CSGO skins added in the Revolution Case.

The set contains a wide spread of skins for some of the game’s most popular guns, with two high-value cosmetics in the covert slots. The Temukau, which means “to resist” in Japanese, will definitely be a big hit with anime fans. With the Akihabara Accept, CTs now have two weeb rifles to pick from. The Head Shot is a graffiti-style skin with a pearlescent reminiscent of the Prinstream series. It still looks quite clean even at higher float values, which will make this a great budget juicer once prices normalize.

What kind of gold are in the Revolution Case?

Golds in the Revolution Case are gloves with the same models and patterns as the ones found in the Clutch Case.

The gloves in the Revolution Case include the following combinations.

  • Sport Gloves
    • Vice
    • Amphibious
    • Omega
    • Bronze Morph
  • Specialist Gloves
    • Fade
    • Crimson Web
    • Mogul
    • Buckshot
  • Moto Gloves
    • POW!
    • Turtle
    • Polygon
    • Transport
  • Hydra Gloves
    • Case Hardened
    • Emerald
    • Rattler Mangrove
  • Handwraps
    • Cobalt Skulls
    • Overprint
    • Arboreal
    • Duct Tape
  • Driver Gloves
    • King Snake
    • Imperial Plaid
    • Overtake
    • Racing Green

The most expensive glove set possible to open in the Revolution Case is the Sport Gloves | Vice, which can sell for several thousand dollars in factory-new condition. One such pair recently sold on the Steam market for just over $8,000, making it by far the best pair of gloves to open from the Revolution Case. Other big hits include Specialist Gloves | Fade and Sport Gloves | Amphibious.

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As we correctly predicted in January, the Revolution Case golds are gloves instead of knives. This fits the pattern of two knife cases followed by two glove cases, which has held true for the past two years. With that in mind, the next case added to CSGO will likely contain knives, as well as the one after that. Then again, knowing Valve, it may be something completely different, especially if it coincides with a new operation.


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