CSGO releases new Fracture weapons case, updates new maps

By Nick Johnson


Aug 7, 2020

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CSGO has released its second weapons case of 2020, the Fracture case.

The case is the first case released since the Prisma 2 case in early March. The new case features 17 different finishes, including a rare appearance by both the CT M4A4 and the T AK-47 in the same case. In addition to the two main rifles, the case also contains skins for both the Glock and the P2000.

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The case, which uses the background from 2019’s Operation Shattered Web, may have originally been meant as that operation’s second case. Pictures from CSGO’s official blog download with the prefix “sw2,” which could help to explain why the fracture case also features the full collection of Shattered Web knives as its rare and special drops.

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CSGO’s newest maps, Mutiny and Swamp, also saw a host of updates alongside the release of CSGO’s newest case. A few smaller adjustments were made to Anubis. 

New CSGO update improves new maps

Mutiny saw changes to the distance at which the map fades in order to improve performance, as well as a change to the map’s ivy models. In terms of gameplay, the map’s A site wall has been lowered, a new boost made possible on the CT side of A site, and changes were made to the rock formation from T spawn to A to allow for a more varied execute with a stronger variety of angles for grenade throws.

Swamp’s notes are much less detailed but include “great FPS” and the replacement of some of the water material that is a main feature of the map. Patch notes for community maps are often written by the map’s creators, so the reduced notes can be attributed to the creator’s willingness and ability to describe changes made rather than there being fewer fixes for Swamp overall.

Full patch notes can be found on the official CSGO blog right here.

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The release of the Fractured case fits right in with CSGO’s content release windows over the past several years and keeps CSGO on track for a possible release of another operation in the coming months. That said, with most media provided by the official CSGO blog essentially named “Shattered Web 2,” this case may just be a holdover from the original operation that ended in March and does not confirm that a new operation is on its way any time soon. 


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