CSGO players are spawning out of bounds, is it a hack?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 27, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are starting rounds well outside their spawns, and some suggest it isn’t a bug. 

CSGO has many long-standing bugs that the community has learned to live with. However, some glitches are too big to ignore, like this new one that teleports players into random map spots. But is it really a glitch?

CSGO players have encountered this glitch spawning their teammates into the middle of the map. Sometimes, these players are placed outside the playable area, which is unusual even for bugs. But, not all players are convinced that this is a bug. Many claim that their teammates have managed to replicate it, making it an exploit or possibly a hack depending on how it’s happening. 

So far, players have noticed this weird glitch on Mirage and Nuke, but more clips are surfacing. The agents are lurking in each other’s spawns in the first few seconds of the round. The glitch is potentially game-breaking. 

Players report a new CSGO hack 

According to many players, this is a new CSGO hack that teleports player models to random spots. Using this exploit, players can reach crucial areas earlier and gain an edge over their enemies. 

It’s unknown whether this is another game-breaking bug or a product of a CSGO mastermind hacker. According to dedicated players, all the mis-spawned players were first disconnected from the server. When they returned, they spawned in a new location outside the base. This shady pattern has led the players to doubt that this isn’t just a bug. Players are likely meddling with the CSGO code to create this new hack. 

According to the community’s theory, players must disconnect from the game and quickly reconnect before the round starts. The system may fail to find a suitable spot due to quick reconnection and place the model at the initial loading screen of the map. This location could be anywhere, so a player spawned through the exploit would be taking a massive risk, but it can definitely pay off. 

Another form of this exploit allows players to teleport out of the playable area. It puts them at a significant disadvantage since they can’t shop weapons, but these players can ask for drops in a team setting. All in all, this new exploit is extremely game-breaking, and the developer should roll out a hotfix. More CSGO players may try to replicate it now that it has become public knowledge. So, beware of terrorists reaching bomb sites before you. 


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