CSGO maps may see big changes with Valorant map maker joining team

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 14, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps could get a touch of Valorant flair if a recent hire is any indication.

Lydia “PHRISK” Zanotti has announced her move from Riot Games’ Valorant to the iconic shooter CSGO. The news further strengthened rumors of the older game switching to the Source 2 engine. But even if those rumors are false, fans can still expect new maps or updates to existing venues in the near future. Based on Valorant’s unique approach to map design, CSGO could get a few more gimmicks in the future.

PHRISK is a professional 3D environment artist and map maker. She has previously worked for several game design studios at Riot Games, Amazon, Volition, and more. She played a major role in map design for Valorant, creating and detailing areas on Bind, Split, Breeze, Ascent, and more. It’s not clear if she created models for the maps or helped design their unique gameplay options.

Either way, CSGO fans are left wondering how her work on Valorant will impact Counter-Strike’s maps.

More important for CSGO fans, her hiring means that Valve is actively looking to develop new maps for its tactical shooter esports. This could be related to the rumored rebrand and switch to Source 2.

Once the transition goes live, Valve will no doubt want a new suite of content for players to enjoy. CSGO on Source 2 could feature an entirely new set of maps designed by PHRISK and other in-house map makers.

Valorant map maker could bring gimmicks into CSGO

A Riot Games map makers working on CSGO could mean the introduction of new map gimmicks and quirks. 

Valorant maps are generally similar to CSGO, but each one has a unique trait that sets it apart. The map Bind, for example, has a one-way teleport to enable quick rotations. Icebox features a very complex mid with intersecting ziplines above a bomb site. Even the most straightforward map Haven has three bomb sites instead of the traditional two.

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CSGO is obviously much more grounded in reality compared to Valorant, but some of these gimmicks could make their way to the game. Having three bomb sites is the most obvious option since it wouldn’t require futuristic technology. One-way chutes are present on some Valorant maps, and they would fit right in some existing CSGO maps.

Valorant map gimmicks could add a lot to CSGO’s simple maps. But fans fear that if implemented poorly, these big changes could lead to unfair situations and sour the experience for purists.


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