CSGO’s move to Source 2 may happen soon, reports suggest

Fariha Bhatti • March 31, 2022 10:43 am

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s 10th anniversary is around the corner and rumors of its porting to Source 2 are reaching a fever pitch. Is CSGO moving to Source 2 anytime soon? 

Valve has just announced CSGO10 to commemorate the game’s 10th birthday, but data miners believe more than stickers are in the works. The rumors of CSGO moving to a more-advanced Source 2 engine have been rife for almost five years, but Valve may finally be making the change.

Gabe Follower reported some findings in the CSGO code on his YouTube channel, which Arseny Kuzminsky later backed. According to these reliable leakers, Source 2 Engine tools have been updated recently for the first time since 2020. Could Valve be planning a Source 2-related surprise for teh game’s 10th anniversary?

Is CSGO finally moving to Source 2? 

Nothing can be said for sure yet, but Gabe Follower has discovered some interesting nodes in the DLL files from the workshop that hint at CSGO finally getting transferred to the Source 2 engine. 

The credible data miner noticed a mention of CSGO stickers in Source 2, which would later be announced as a contest. This is huge since CSGO has never been directly mentioned in the advanced engine until now. The data miner also shared that a script that responds to porting game cards from one source to another has also been discovered. While this is a vague discovery, it could mean that Valve is prepping to transfer CSGO or at least some part of it. 

These updates to the code come along with Aperture Desk Job, a new Steam game. Source 2 was last updated during Half-Life: Alyx, but Valve has now added significant new nodes to CSGO. Besides import files, a function .kv3 file from CSGO, which stores the logic of behavior and AI bots, is also part of GabeFollower’s discovery. 

It’s safe to say that updates to CSGO code are only increasing over time, suggesting Valve is actively working on the quality of CSGO. If the new leaks are accurate, it could mean that the developer is either working on a port or at least giving the game a test run on the newer engine. 

It remains to be seen how accurate these findings are as Source 2-related rumors have been plenty in the past. However, CSGO’s imminent anniversary may be why fans are more hopeful this time. It’s unlikely that the developer would completely switch up the game without prior announcements.

However, the new data has ultimately given fans a reason to look forward to CSGO’s 10th birthday on the August 21st. 


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