CSGO is now high art after ZywOo’s clip reaches Louvre

By Fariha Bhatti


May 15, 2023

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A CSGO clip has reached the Louvre, placed among like likes of the Mona Lisa, Th Raft of Medusa, and more.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s incredibly high skill ceiling has made it really easy for gifted players to find their fan base. However, among 1.8 million players, there are only a few who have reached the pinnacle of sheer, unmatched skill. And since getting to the top is so tricky, mechanically gifted players quickly find their footing. Among them, one is Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, the best ever to touch Valve’s FPS. 

His recent clutch at CSGO’s final Paris Major was so good that Valve joked it should be placed in the Louvre, the iconic art venue featuring some of the best pieces ever created. But, Dust2 took it seriously.  

CSGO website Dust2.us put ZywOo’s incredible clutch in the Louvre, just as Valve joked. A player from the website took the laptop and played the iconic clutch next to Mona Lisa’s painting. It was bittersweet but overwhelming for the fans of CSGO, who genuinely believe that the game is an art. The CSGO official handle also acknowledged the gesture by retweeting it.

For those who can’t understand modern art, ZywoOo clutched out a crucial round at Paris Major, which eventually helped Vitality lock in a win against G2 esports. The AWP-maestro took out four of G2’s men with his AWP, using a quick scope here and silent drop there.

According to the community, it’s the best play of the Major so far. So, CSGO wasn’t wrong for saying that this clutch belongs in the Louvre.

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