CSGO fan turns the Overpass map into an amazing skin

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan has turned Overpass into an awesome skin for the troll weapon of CSGO, the P90.

CSGO fans may be overly competitive, but they’re also innovative. From custom sprays, fan-made stickers, and even community maps, players have continued to find new ways to express their devotion to Valve’s tactical shooter. However, one CSGO player has gone the extra mile to combine the game’s iconic maps and its signature skins.

A player named St3p4n has blended the P90 with Overpass to create a bizarre fusion that is as eye-catching as it is odd. The graffiti-style weapon is making the rounds for being innovative and attractive. 

CSGO player creates an Overpass monster P90 

CSGO developers have the ability to whip up skin designs for custom use and this player has made the most of that. The Overpass P90 is unique, creative, and jaw-dropping.

The P90 is often considered a troll weapon, despite its powerful impact. However, this new custom skin will surely make it seem scarier. The Monstersite P90 is coated in grey-green tones of Overpass, with a splash of color in the iconic graffiti. Redditor St3p4n has squeezed in a small chunk of Overpass into the chunky build of the P90. The milk-white monster’s eyes, grilled crates, and B site spray are painted across the body, fitting perfectly on the plain sculpt of the gun. 

Overpass P90

The artist has picked up the B site entrance as the skin’s centerpiece. It’s hands down one of the iconic landmarks in CSGO, and the artist has perfectly aligned it with the weapon. The tunnel leading into the B site acts as a monster’s mouth as eyes are painted right on the top.  

According to him, he had this idea in 2020 but only completed it recently. While the Dreams and Nightmares competition has ended, St3p4n has still shared his praise-worthy design with the community. Unfortunately, players can’t use this skin in competitive games, but they can still support the artist on the Steam Workshop.

 Is Overpass a T-sided map in CSGO? 

The complex layout of the Overpass isn’t perfectly balanced. Ts may find themselves struggling in this murky location due to the map favoring the CT side. A win rate of 52% for CTs shows that Overpass’ two-story layout is an advantage for the defending team.