horror maps in CSGO

You can play these scary horror maps in CSGO for free

By Fariha Bhatti


May 14, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be a competitive FPS at its core, but it can be scary and spooky too. Players can spice up their CSGO experience by trying out these free horror maps. 

Valve’s FPS has become the go-to shooter in 2022. Most players return to the game for its competitive appeal and dynamic weapons and maps. It has curated a player base that loves a challenge. But while players are busy climbing the ranks, they may overlook a lot of the fun that CSGO has to offer. CSGO doesn’t have to be stressful. Custom maps are packed with spooky silliness. 

CSGO can become your favorite free horror game if you look in the right places. We have dug up the best horror maps in CSGO, created and marketed by the community. Take a look! 

Lake of Horror

CSGO’s underrated map Lake gets attacked by a herd of bloodthirsty zombies, and you’re responsible for restoring peace and surviving. This vast map looks utterly different in its haunted version. Grim weather, heavy rainfall, and ruins of a picturesque location add an apocalyptic effect, making it the perfect horror map. Fight off zombies, dodge hurdles, and finish the final boss in order to make it out alive in Lake of Horror.

Mirage Night Zombie Survival by Boombl4

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Ever wondered what Mirage would look after a Zombie invasion? This map paints the perfect picture. Walls smeared with blood and dead bodies, Mirage Night Zombie Survival is not for the faint-hearted. These zombies will run through your molotov and grenades, adamant about dealing their damage. They’re tough to kill, and new objects placed across the map aren’t much help either. 

If anything, this haunted location with advanced zombies surely helps to practice checking corners for your competitive games. 

Hide and Seek | SAW

Imagine the movie SAW, but make it ten times scarier. The signature checkered floor and grey walls house torturous gadgets devised to kill. This prison of maniacs stores dozens of spooky surprises and jump scares. Your primary target is to hide and survive. The best part is that this horror map in CSGO is coop, so you can invite your friends to have some company inside this frightening experience. 


Mission rage is one of the best horror maps in CSGO for its smooth visuals and plethora of jump scares. This horror location has a nice indoor and outdoor combination haunted by zombies, maniacs, giant spiders, and unknown beasts with supernatural abilities. The puzzles requires you and your teammate to finish different challenges in order to escape unscathed. If your teammate dies, you may have to leave them behind and run for your life!

CraZy 3 

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CraZy maps are a big hit among fans, and the creators continue to roll out new editions. The latest CraZy map mixes different supernatural creatures to make for the ultimate haunted house. Drive to a house haunted by weird beasts and cults trying to complete an evil ritual. Spooky dolls, dead bodies, guardian angels, and more are featured in CraZy 3. This new horror map in CSGO has all the right ingredients to keep you hooked and spooked. 


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