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CSGO case prices are skyrocketing, here’s why

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 24, 2023

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CSGO case prices have exploded recently, and the mass influx of unboxing content may be to blame.

While the core of Counter-Strike will always be tactical shooting action, it’s hard to ignore the massive impact skins have had on the game. Players of all skill levels can engage in the cosmetic side of the game on an even playing field, being limited only by the size of their wallets. However, even spendthrifts may balk at the current price of cases, which have reached an all-time high with no signs of stopping. What has caused this massive rise in price?

The reasons for the case price spike are numerous, but it can be partially attributed to two major factors: celebrity unboxing content and CS2 hype.

CSGO case prices explode due to celebrity unboxings

The first reason is the resurgence of case unboxing content. More mainstream creators than ever are hopping on the wagon. In the past week, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm joined the club with Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, and more as CSGO case high-rollers. Those three combined have consumed over 10,000 cases since starting their opening streams. Established CSGO creators have gotten even more absurd, with ohnePixel opening over $130,000 worth of cases in a single stream and Sparkles cracking half a million worth of Katowice 2014 capsules.

The second cause is related to CS2. CSGO’s player count is constantly rising, with several new records set in the past few months. Valve has the hype train running at full speed before the summer release, and skin prices have increased due to heightened demand. The logic may follow that more players mean more cases being generated, but price analysis shows a clear imbalance.

CSGO Prisma case prices history

Let’s take a look at the price history of a relatively cheap older case, the Prisma. For the vast majority of its existence, the case has sold for just a few pennies on the dollar. However, starting in early 2022, the price has slowly risen to where it sits now at 66 cents a pop. The kicker? The Prisma case is still one of the absolute cheapest options for opening a crate.

The prices of more expensive CSGO cases are even more absurd, with the Bravo case as the easiest example. Thanks to its flashy Fire Serpent, the discontinued collection currently sells for nearly double what it did at the start of the year at $70 each. 

With CS2’s launch imminent, the problem is likely to only get worse. It’s safe to expect a massive player base of new and returning FPS fans, and they’re going to want skins. A CS2 operation could help quell demand, but the skin economy probably won’t slow down much in the long run. On the bright side, anyone who kept old cases around as an investment is seeing quite the payday.


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