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CS2 shuts down Dust2-only pros with a big MM rank change

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 1, 2023

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As requested by the Counter-Strike community, CS2 matchmaking and MM mode have undergone a complete overhaul, bringing MR12, regional leaderboard, and map-based ranks. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s ranking was almost exactly like how ranks worked in the previous installments, with minor tweaks here and there. The stale system has now been replaced by fresh short matches and a map-based ranking system that would improve the MM experience. 

Players have long been pestering Valve for rolling out the same game with Source 2 varnish, but the reality is far from it. The latest changes prove Valve was saving the best for last. 

CS2 will have map-based ranks

MR12 and leaderboard were leaked weeks before, so players expected these modifications to make the cut sooner or later. But, the biggest change out of all is the new map-based ranks update. MM players who’re sick of Dust 2 Global Elites will like this change. 

CS2 rank changes

“Competitive mode in CS2 now features per-map Skill Groups, so players can master their favorite maps while learning others. And in Counter-Strike 2, match length is changing to 12 round halves, with overtime, to determine a winner,” Valve said.

In CS2, serial Dust 2 players will only be Global Elites in Dust 2. This means that if someone keeps avoiding other maps, their profile will reflect this. So for example, if a player spam plays Inferno and dodges Mirage, they will have a different rank in each map based on their performance.

This change would add a new challenge to MM, making it equally cut-throat as Premier. Where serious players would grind for a spot on the leaderboard, MM players will try to claim the coveted Global Elite badge across all maps. This way, MM would become less boring because reaching the highest rank has already become a breeze for old-timers. Now, they must reach the top multiple times to prove their mettle. 

This change would improve the MM experience in CSGO, where currently, most players spam Mirage and Dust 2. 

Besides this, MR12 has finally replaced the 15 tedious rounds despite some backlash from the players. Players can test out all these changes on the latest overhauled map Inferno, now that Valve has distributed the CS2 access among a wider audience.

If you fulfill the criteria for CS2 access, you may already have one waiting for you in-game. 


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