CS2 leaderboard: All we know about the new competitive ladder

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 7, 2023

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Global Elites from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be glad to know that competition will become more intense in CS2. With CS2 leaderboard, the grind won’t stop at a rank badge. 

Data miners claim that CS2 may have a leaderboard system with a ladder beyond rank. The global and regional ranking will provide rank demons a solid reason to grind beyond Global Elite.

CSGO players often jump to Faceit after sailing through all 18 ranks. For old-timers, the game’s MM can feel easy with time. Comparatively, FPL and Faceit’s unsurmountable pile of ELO offer a challenge that CSGO players love. It seems Valve has drawn inspiration from competitor titles and Faceit if leaks are to be believed. 

According to reputable CS data miner Aquarius, a leaderboard is in the works, with CS ratings, a regional and global ranking system. 

How will leaderboard work in CS2?

CS2 main menu will feature an option for a leaderboard that would include names, map win rate, statistics, CS Rating, and more of the top players within a region. This board will also include worldwide ratings. 

On the main menu, players with premier mode will have a new “premier” tab under the MatchMaking menu. Here, detail statistics will appear, including the best maps, win rate, and the leaderboard. In CS2 premier mode, the leaderboard will be classified into four categories: Global, Region, Country, and Friends. The top ladder holders may change with each season swap. 


According to the data miner, the leaderboard will have seasonal rankings spanning six months. Meaning CS2 may have two seasons per year. To climb this leaderboard, players will have to gain a CS Rating higher than the next player on the board. CS Rating can range from 0.00 to 35.00, each 5.00 rating increase will transition to a different color ladder. 

It works like an individual ELO and may vary in different regions. Unlike rank, your CS Rating will speak of your overall performance in premier mode, tallying in kills, deaths, assists, impact, and ADR. The higher your CS Rating, the higher your rank on the leaderboard. 

However, the leaderboard is still under development and may be the last one to be tested in CS2 beta. So, all the data mined information should be taken with a grain of salt as Valve may change the final product substantially based on closed beta feedback. 

Thankfully, the CS2 release date isn’t far. According to the hints, the game should arrive before September 2023. 


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