CS2 players want Valorant-style knife skins after this visual bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 7, 2023

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CS2 has a new visual bug that has players wishing for animated knives.

Counter-Strike 2 is still new, so bugs and issues are a given. However, the player base is still annoyed at Valve for not fixing them right away, but there are a few bugs that they don’t necessarily hate. For example, this latest visual glitch has players wishing for Valorant-style knives in CS2.

CS2’s direct competitor, Valorant, has a wealth of mouth-watering bundles with over-the-top animations and VFX, something that Valve has refused to replicate. In CS2, skins remain the same, with minor visual upgrades to colors and definition.

Nevertheless, players’ imaginations are running wild upon encountering this visual glitch on the map Ancient.

During a game on the CS2 map, a player ran into a bug that set the default metal knife on fire. It’s unknown what triggered the bug, but players don’t hate it. 

Right before the first player shoots the enemy, the knife can be seen catching fire. The animation is similar to CS2 Molotov, except it’s perfectly coating the knife, almost making it seem like an intentional feature. But it’s doubtful.

CS2’s latest knife bug is too cool

CS2 release date

This is a rare bug, which doesn’t get triggered randomly, but players say they don’t mind if Valve leaves it be. Even though the default knife’s bugged animation doesn’t look as fancy as Valorant’s Elderflame melee, it looks pretty good still.

While it does look nice on paper, CS2 players may not want Valve to add Valorant-style knives on fire. Since CS2 has realistic visuals, any equipment with elaborate animation may cause an FPS drop, leading to poor in-game performance. Even if knife owners have a high-end PC, animated weapons would be trouble for all.

But, it’s a fun bug to enjoy while it lasts, which probably won’t be long.


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