CS2 players express frustration over AWP inaccuracy

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 30, 2023

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After Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev claims that AWP in CS2 isn’t as impactful, players are highlighting a significant flaw in the sniper rifle, which seems intentional from Valve. 

Sniper rifle in CSGO has always been controversial, leading to regular nerfs from the developer. At the twilight of CSGO, the AWP was finally in a balanced state, at least according to the community. Now, players have noticed a minor detail in AWP’s scope that may be causing whiffed shots in CS2. 

A player named Skrapfall took to Reddit to share that an AWP wielder gets a severe aimpunch after being shot first by an enemy, which is reflected in the sniper’s scope getting blurred. This didn’t happen in CSGO. Even if aimpunch existed on armor and helmet, it wasn’t severe enough to shake the crosshair. 

Many players agreed to have experienced the same or said they had been missing their shots after being shot at first. According to the players, severe aimpunch could be the reason behind their whiffed shots. Another post on Reddit verifies this but claims that AWP’s scope is likely not tied with the aimpunch and is just a visual bug. 

“The blurriness of the AWP crosshair is a visual bug. It does not reflect the accuracy. But, sometimes there’s a brief “aimpunch” caused by taking damage even with full body armor and helmet, making the AWP inaccurate,” a player named Pokharelinishan said

Is AWP inaccurate in CS2?

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While there’s no substantial or statistical evidence to confirm AWP’s inaccuracy in CS2, pro players are community believes it’s undoubtedly less impactful compared to CSGO. 

Previously, the AWP virtuoso, s1mple, declared his hiatus from CS2 and hinted at the possibility of transitioning to a rifle role, citing the reduced impact of the AWP. Now, players are noticing minor details that could be contributing to their missed shots in CS2. 

In any case, Valve is still working on CS2 bugs and mechanics, and players may see some more upgrades to the existing weapons. 


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