CS10 update for CSGO drops with stickers, maps, no Source 2

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 16, 2022

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CS10 is here, and while exciting, it doesn’t have everything that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans were hoping for. And the theoretical Source 2 CSGO port? That’s nowhere to be found.

On August 16, Valve released a new update for CSGO commemorating the 10th anniversary of the game. To celebrate, Valve has added a new community sticker capsule and three new maps to play on. There’s also a new commemorative coin for players to show off in their profiles. While exciting, the new update also disproves rumors about CS10 updating CSGO to the Source 2 engine.

The first CS10 announcement is something that Valve already confirmed months prior. The CS10 sticker capsule includes 65 new stickers across four different rarities. The covert CS10 stickers feature a brand-new finish called Lenticular that gives an eye-catching reflective effect. CS10 sticker capsules are up for direct purchase in the CSGO client for $1 each.

CSGO stickers for CS10

For players more interested in new content, Valve has also added five new maps to official CSGO matchmaking. The list includes Tuscan, which made a high-profile release last week after years of anticipation. Other new locales include Anubis, Blagai, Breach, and the Source engine stress test Prime. Players can now queue up for standard and Wingman matches on all the new maps.

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How to get the new CS10 profile coin

As another fun freebie to celebrate CS10, Valve has added a new profile coin that’s completely free to claim.

To get the new CS10 profile coin, simply play enough matches to earn your weekly drop. When it arrives, it will also include the new CS10 coin. From there, head to the inventory and equip it. Then you can celebrate the anniversary by sporting new stickers on a new map with a new coin. The blue icon features a featureless golden chicken wearing a party hat and celebratory text along the rim. CSGO players have util August 23 to claim their own CS10 coin.

CS10 didn’t bring Source 2 to CSGO, so when?

CSG10 would have been the perfect time to switch CSGO over to Source 2 and the lack of a beta may be hinting towards a much later release.

While Valve definitely made an uncharacteristic effort to celebrate the occasion with new content. The 10th anniversary of CSGO is still notably missing a certain engine replacement that CSGO fans have clamored over for years. The CS10 blog post makes no references to Source 2 whatsoever. While rumors have swirled in recent months, it will not be happening during the 10th anniversary of CSGO.

With that in mind, it’s possible that Valve is much earlier in Source 2 CSGO development than fans thought. Devs have warned players about the drastic consequences of an engine switch and the esports world only makes that issue more important. Former Valve employees have even warned that the game will feel completely different on Source 2.


CS2 care package

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