Crazy Cloud drake bug gives players both old and new buffs

Christian Vejvad • November 29, 12:33

The League of Legends preseason is still struggling with some big bugs, and this new one makes the Cloud drake give players its old buffs as well as its new ones. 

It was recently discovered that the Cloud dragon is still providing ultimate ability haste despite that buff being changed in the preseason patch. Instead, the Cloud dragon is now giving players who take it down out-of-combat movement speed and slow resistance. 

What Riot probably didn’t anticipate was that the drake now gives the new buffs as well as the old ultimate ability haste. Because of this bug, players have experienced getting both buffs, and therefore a much stronger edge, when taking down the Cloud dragon. This was recently showcased and tested by YouTuber Vandiril. 

In the video, it is shown that the new as well as the old Cloud drake buffs apply when slaying the dragon. The new out-of-combat movement speed and slow resistance seem to be working as intended, but the old ultimate ability haste clearly still applies. This means that players are still getting reduced cooldown on their ultimates as though this was still the previous season’s patch. 

This bug is just one of many in the current League of Legends preseason, but it’s also should also be among the easiest to fix. Getting two buffs instead of one when taking the Cloud dragon will be a big benefit to the team that gets it, though it still seems like people aren’t exactly prioritizing the Cloud dragon despite the extra buffs. 

With the new Chemtech and Hextech dragons being introduced for this preseason, there’s now a whole new way to approach dragons and Cloud drake is once again the one left out. Both new drakes are currently looking very strong with their new buffs attached to them. 

This could also be a reason why the Cloud dragon buff hasn’t been fixed yet, as all focus has been on the new and much stronger dragons. 

While it’s expected that the Cloud drakes will be fixed soon, it looks like players can still take advantage of the extra buffs on the live servers for a little while longer.


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