Counter-Strike legend NEO hits free agency

By Olivia Richman


Feb 4, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

After nearly five years with the organization, Filip “NEO” Kubski is now a free agent.

In spite of more recent struggles, remains one of the most storied names in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The team achieved a major victory at 2014’s EMS Katowice and spent much of the following two years at the top of the burgeoning CS:GO pro scene.

But a runner-up finish at ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta in 2017 would prove to be the squad’s final brush with greatness. A slow decline since then has left the roster rifling through changes, with the latest seeing off legendary player NEO.

NEO took to Facebook to address the move, speaking highly of his team with the team.

“There have been delicious victories and bitter defeats, but you can always tell which teams are the strongest with the comebacks they make,” NEO said.

All that is good, he continued, must come to an end.

While NEO noted that hearing’s supporters cheering at their matches and his experiences playing with his teammates are memories he’ll never forget, he went on to say that this wasn’t a time for reflections. Instead, he is looking forward to his future in CS:GO.

NEO is currently looking at opportunities and offers both domestically within Poland and internationally. An international move would be a first for the 31-year-old pro.

The accomplished CS:GO competitor has been in the professional esports scene for almost 20 years. Often considered to be among the greatest players in Counter-Strike’s long and stories history, NEO got his start playing the game in Poland with his father.

Soon, NEO was making a name for himself across the world. His Counter-Strike titles included victories at Intel Extremes Masters, ESWC, and ENC. These accomplishments and his individual prowess led to him being crowned “Best Esports Player of the Year” at The Esports Awards three years in a row.