Counter-Strike 2 hacker gets into beta, shocking TimTheTatman

By Olivia Richman


Mar 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar was one of the lucky streamers to get a hold of the coveted limited Counter-Strike 2 beta. But a few days later, TimTheTatman came face to face with a hacker that ruined his experience.

During a recent livestream, TimTheTatman encountered a cheater that wasn’t even trying to hide their hacks. The streamer immediately called him out, seeming shocked that he’d run into a hacker before the game even officially came out.

“Wait! Is this guy full of s—? Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Whoah, whoah, whoah! That’s crazy! I might be literally playing with a f—ing hacker in the f—ing beta,” TimTheTatman exclaimed, unable to hide his emotions.

At the end of the viral clip, one of Tim’s teammates said that the hacker allegedly had 10 knives on him. But at this point, TimTheTatman was too hyped up to hear and had already started standing up and screaming.

According to esports insider Jake Lucky, the hacker proudly proclaimed to TimTheTatman that he was, indeed, a hacker. The player took to the in-game chat to inform Tim that he hadn’t even been invited to the beta. Many in the gaming community speculated that he either bugged his way into the beta or was given access by someone working at Valve.

Does Counter-Strike 2 have anti-cheat?

A new anti-cheat measure is allegedly coming to Counter-Strike 2, with leakers discovering something called VAC Live. This new implementation will apparently end a match immediately when a cheater is detected.

Developers at Valve are clearly looking for ways to improve on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s anti-cheat and create even more ways to fight off the abundance of hackers that plague free-to-play FPS games.

The closed beta is still ongoing, with the full game launching in the summer of 2023.