CookieLoL apology

CookieLoL’s apology stream backfires amid grooming, scamming accusations

By Olivia Richman


Apr 15, 2023

Reading time: 5 min

League of Legends streamer Jakob “Cookie” Fransson, aka CookieLoL, has responded with an apology video after being accused of scamming viewers and flirting with minors.

CookieLoL is a big streamer on Twitch known for his helpful advice and insight for League of Legends players. He currently has 141K followers on Twitch. The former pro player has remained at the top level of the competitive MOBA, but a 90-page document was recently released that contains screenshots of CookieLoL mistreating his community.

CookieLoL accused of flirting with minors on Discord

The carefully created document outlining CookieLoL’s behavior started with countless screenshots of the streamer abusing his power by being “creepy” towards women in his Discord, including many that claimed they were underage.

CookieLoL was called out in 2021 for flirting with minors but denied the allegations. The screenshots show continued inappropriate conversations with minors, including talking about BDSM, calling underage girls a “sexual freak” and “pet,” and continuing to talk sexually with girls who admitted to being teenagers mid-conversation.

Cookie also allegedly posted pornographic images on Discord, which moderators had to quickly delete since his own rules stated that no sexual content was allowed on the server.

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Screenshots continued, showing Cookie speaking inappropriately to female members of his Discord. This included commenting on their weight, sending unprompted sexual messages, and admitting to mistreating his partners.

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CookieLoL accused of manipulation, stealing, and lying

On top of the inappropriate Discord behavior, a huge chunk of the document was dedicated to discussing Cookie’s alleged lies to fans and sponsors, usually for financial gain.

Cookie once held a raffle on his Discord, promising to give away skins to anyone who subscribed to his Twitch channel — something that costs money to do. But in the document, the accusers claim that CookieLoL never gave anyone skins, even after they discussed the issue with moderators.

A lot of screenshots also show CookieLoL plotting to scam his sponsors, namely Rise of Kingdoms and Raid: Shadow Legends. Cookie explained in some group DMs that he had created a group of bots to fulfill sponsorship quotas for the mobile games, explaining it as “hijacking billionaire money.” He also tried to use his own Manscaped discount code and then sell the products for profit.

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Other accusations included moderators and content editors having their payments delayed multiple times. The late payments led to one employee not being able to pay his rent.

Stated the document: “It was common for Cookie to simply brush off requests for payment, as he believed delaying payments for weeks to months was acceptable. Furthermore, if you repetitively asked for owed payments, he would flame, disrespect, or simply ignore your message requests. He firmly believes that he is being generous by providing people with the opportunity to work for him, and thus, no one should be holding him to his words/promises.”

CookieLoL responds to accusations

After the League of Legends community started discussing the viral document, CookieLoL came forward to “take accountability” for his behavior. In his TwitLonger, Cookie explained that he was an immature 20-year-old at the time of the screenshots and was not a good person.

CookieLoL first addressed the alleged conversations between underage girls, claiming that a “three-year age gap” isn’t that weird in Sweden, where the age of consent is 15. He also admitted that he didn’t have a lot of sexual experience but added that isn’t an excuse for his behavior.

“On top of this I was s— at reading the room, but it was NEVER my intention to make her uncomfortable. I am disgusted looking back at this. I’m not trying to justify this behavior in the slightest but I wanted to give some context on my thought process back then. And I am now aware that It is completely wrong and I just feel disgusted when I look back at what I typed and to who,” Cookie explained.

Then Cookie claimed that he’s always been “extremely bad with payments” throughout his career. This has led to him making promises he can’t keep “due to lack of funds” and bills continuing to stack up. The streamer added that he’s trying to get better at this and is continuing to pay back those he owes money.

“It doesn’t make up for not paying when I should have, but I am doing my best to make up for it now,” Cookie wrote.

On the apology stream that followed, Cookie continued to deny allegations that he had flirted with someone who was 13 at the time. He did say, however, that he made a lot of mistakes and apologized for his past behavior. CookieLoL told the 11,000 live viewers that he hated who he once was, calling his behavior cringe and disgusting.

The streaming community wasn’t convinced of his innocence or sincerity, however, including IKeepItTaco, one of the women that were heavily featured in the 90-page document. She tweeted that the apology felt “pre-recorded,” and many of her followers agreed.

Since the livestream, CookieLoL hasn’t made any comments regarding the ongoing controversy over his actions and subsequent apologies.