Controversial VCT Killjoy bug has finally been fixed

Fariha Bhatti • October 5, 2022 11:54 am

Infamous Killjoy bug from Valorant Champions 2022 playoffs that sent the fans into a frenzy has finally been fixed. 

Riot Games has always been quick to combat problems in Valorant, whether it’s cheaters or a pesky bug. However, a sneaky Killjoy glitch had been plaguing the games under Riot’s nose. Few players knew it well, but they brushed it off as a negligible snag in the machine. It was proven at VCT Champions 2022 that no bug is too small when Turret’s misfire forced a restart between FPX and XSET. 

In the latest Valorant patch, Riot Games has finally plucked out the bug from the root. Turrets will now function as intended, without shots going astray. 

That minor bug may not ruin your competitive game, but it indeed was a game-changer at VCT. Riot Games has now revealed that the bug no longer exists.

Patch 5.07 fixes the glitch where Killjoy’s Turret fires straight forward after firing at an enemy and then losing sight of them. So, Killjoy mains can now freely rely on their cute tweety bots. 

What’s the Killjoy VCT bug? 

Killjoy Turret

Killjoy’s Turret is designed as a third eye that deals damage upon spotting an enemy. Players rely heavily on the machine’s intel, so even slight misinformation can lead to disaster. That’s precisely what happened at VCT 2022, causing XSET to lose a crucial round during a do-or-die game. 

Day 13 of VCT 2022 saw the defending champions of VCT Copenhagen 2022 go up against North America’s XSET in a close game, with the former clutching a victory in 2-1 fashion. However, an odd bug in the final round of the third map Ascent prompted Riot to respond. A mysterious bug appears to allow Killjoy’s Turret to shoot behind itself. The result is a ton of controversy in the Valorant ecosystem.

Riot ordered a rematch, and FPX still won. But the drama and memes around the incident will surely go down in history. 


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