CompLexity Gaming make off lane change just before Paris major

Neslyn Apduhan • April 25, 19:04

Just a couple of weeks before the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, CompLexity Gaming has released its offlaner.

CompLexity Gaming announced the departure of offlaner Yang “Deth” Wu Heng on the organization’s website. The sudden roster change was made after the conclusion of ESL One Mumbai.

The team showed an underwhelming performance during the tournament’s group stage and playoffs. CompLexity Gaming and local Indian team Signify ranked last during the group stage.

Unlike Signify, who exited the tournament without managing a single win, CompLexity Gaming did at least chalk up a game win in its series versus The Pango.

CompLexity Gaming clarified that its brief run at ESL One Mumbai was not the reason for Deth’s departure. Rather, a number or internal discussions over the past weeks translated to a mutual agreement in making the roster change.

Deth greatly contributed to CompLexity Gaming earning a ticket to the fourth Dota Pro Circuit major tournament of the season. The team had an impressive run during the MDL Disneyland Paris Major’s North American qualifiers.

CompLexity Gaming squared up with North America’s top team, Evil Geniuses. Both teams took the top spots to the major tournament by winning upper bracket qualifier matches.

Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton will replace Deth for CompLexity Gaming’s upcoming tournament. However, monkeys-forever will be part of the team on a trial basis.

Deth, Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen, and CompLexity Gaming captain Adam Erwann Shah “343” bin Akhtar Hussein were also on a trial basis when they joined the team.

CompLexity Gaming clarified that the team’s composition is temporary and most of its players are on a trial run. This way, management has the flexibility to rearrange the lineup more easily should it be deemed necessary, though it comes at the cost of greater security for the competing players.

After the major, CompLexity Gaming will again review the state of its Dota 2 team.


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