coldzera reveals that four teams have made him new offers

By Tom Beer


Aug 12, 2019

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Star Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Marcelo “coldzera” David has revealed that he has received a number of offers from different teams looking to sign the two-time player of the year.

Having played for MiBR for the last several years, coldzera’s struggles with the team have been making headlines. He decided to step down from the active roster after a string of poor results, wanting to find a new challenge elsewhere. With two years left on his contract the fear was that no team would be willing to pay what is presumably a large buyout, but these new reported offers appear to suggest that those concerns may have been overblown.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, coldzera made clear that he has received four offers already and is now taking time to think the mover. He doesn’t appear to believe that he needs to rush to make up his mind, and he may wait until after the StarLadder Major in Berlin.

“After a Major there is always this game of musical chairs in the scene, so I still need to wait and see if I receive some other offers,” coldzera told ESPN Brazil.

From the interview it appears that he is not waiting for a bigger financial offer, but rather is more considering who his new teammates will be.

“My biggest concern is who I will play with, the kind of organization I will play under, if it has a good structure or not,” coldzera said.

Coldzera was also asked about his relationship with MiBR since his decision to step down. He has recently vented his frustrations on Instagram regarding the way he was used during a fan meet event in Sao Paulo. Coldzera feels that MIBR was trying to make him out to be a villain.

Coldzera admitted that he was “pretty upset” by how the event played out and by how he was portrayed by MiBR during it, which is why he expressed his frustrations publicly afterwards.

Coldzera also took time to admit regret for how the MiBR roster including Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip and Tarik “tarik” Celik came to an end, expressing his admiration for both Stewie2k and tarik and offering that the team had more potential than was ever actioned upon. It’s notable that both Stewie2k and tarik have both surpassed MiBR since their release, with Stewie2k in particularly finding immense success with Team Liquid.

The StarLadder Berlin Major begins August 20 and despite not playing, coldzera is traveling to Europe and will be working hard to improve his game. The Brazilian star promised to come back strong when he makes his return to active play.

This suggests that his days on the bench may be numbered. An exciting prospect for one of the best CSGO players in the world. 


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