CodeMiko 3.0

CodeMiko creator discusses sexism surrounding 3.0 reveal

By Olivia Richman


Mar 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Youna Kang recently created a new CodeMiko design that has left fans of the VTuber speechless. The new face and detailed hair has left the streaming community in awe, with the likes of Imane “Pokimane” Anys tweeting how beautiful the model is. Amouranth left a slew of heart-eyed emojis.

Kang revealed the new CodeMiko, known as CodeMiko 3.0, and instantly received positive feedback for the design. But some of the compliments have left Kang frustrated, with some people crediting her male engineer for the CodeMiko upgrade.

CodeMiko frustrated with feedback after CodeMiko 3.0 reveal

The reason for this frustration is that CodeMiko 3.0’s model was created solely by Kang, and the fact that people assume the 3D artist behind the character is a man doesn’t sit well with her.

Kang’s team, known as Mikoverse, created other elements of the character that haven’t been revealed yet. Recently, Kang brought her engineer to a shoot and noticed people congratulating him for creating CodeMiko. At the time, she didn’t want to be rude and didn’t speak up but she later brought it up on Twitter.

“The development world is a male-dominated space, and anything I create that is impressive will ultimately be doubted that it’s my creation. I’ve become complacent and okay with this,” CodeMiko admitted.

After reading her tweet, fans left positive responses to CodeMiko for coming forward with her frustrations. One of the Botez sisters, known for being a talented chess streamer, said she was proud of Kang for everything she’s done.

“It’s inspiring and I’m glad you spoke out about this,” Alexandra Botez replied.

For now, Kang seems to be back to creating YouTube videos and working on perfecting the new CodeMiko 3.0 model for her VTubing-like content. Many people have been creating fan art of the upgraded model, although some people have jokingly asked to see CodeMiko with a beard. That will be happening on stream on March 26.


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