CodeMiko announces return to stream, special Pokemon project

Olivia Richman • February 3, 2021 9:53 am

Virtual streamer CodeMiko excitedly announced her return to Twitch after a ban that lasted a little over two weeks. She was originally believed to be returning on February 5, but it appears that the suspension ended a bit earlier than expected. 

The news was met with a lot of rejoicing from CodeMiko’s fans. Many people felt she was unfairly suspended when Twitch banned her account for the third time in mid-January. In a TwitLonger, the VTuber explained that she had shared the email of someone who had been harassing her, not realizing that it included the person’s real name. That is what led to her latest suspension. 

“Although it was an accident, it was still my mistake,” CodeMiko said. 

Before that, CodeMiko was also banned for another questionable offense. She had told viewers they could make donations for a “D” pic in return. While there was definitely a sexual innuendo in the joke, CodeMiko was actually sending photos of a literal letter “D.” Still, Twitch accused her of selling pornography on a live stream. 

Despite the ongoing frustration over the validity of these bans, CodeMiko is already feeling quite positive about her return. Earlier in January, CodeMiko announced that she would be creating a Pokemon-inspired streamer game. The virtual streamer asked for 150 streamers to take part in the concept. 

While fans await this fun concept, CodeMiko has continued to do her IRL streamer interviews. It seems like the VTuber’s return has been met with a lot of fanfare already. Her viewers are already asking her to interview a variety of other streamers now that CodeMiko’s Twitch stream is back. 

What does CodeMiko use?

One thing that has made CodeMiko a very popular VTuber is how realistic she looks. To create the illusion, the streamer uses a Kite & Lightning setup with an iPhoneX, Unreal Engine, IKINEMA, and Xsens. The creator behind CodeMiko goes by the name Technician. The Xsense suit she uses cost her $30,000. 


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