CodeMiko reveals the reason behind her latest Twitch ban

By Olivia Richman


Jan 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

CodeMiko’s fans were disappointed when the virtual streamer was banned from Twitch for the third time last week. Some wondered if she would ever be coming back. Others speculated as to why CodeMiko was banned again. 

But all anyone got from the popular VTuber was this: 

A few days later, we finally have some answers. 

Why was CodeMiko banned from Twitch again? 

CodeMiko most likely saw the endless theories on her disappearance from Twitch and had to clear things up. She took to Twitter to explain why she was actually suspended from the streaming platform. According to CodeMiko, Twitch suspended her account because she “accidentally leaked” an email that contained a person’s first and last name. 

“It was an overlook on my part,” CodeMiko said. “Although it was an accident, it was still my mistake.”

In a TwitLonger, the IRL streamer offered a bit more explanation. She stated that she was discussing women facing harassment online with another female streamer, prompting her to show an email she’d received that contained a threat. 

“From my experience, threats are almost never sent from a user’s actual email address, but throwing up the screenshot got me banned,” CodeMiko wrote. “I only wanted to shine the light on harassment that streamers face and did not mean to violate terms.”

When is CodeMiko back on Twitch?

Even though fans were worried about CodeMiko getting a third strike on the platform, she reassured her followers that a return was still in store. 

CodeMiko ended the TwitLonger by saying she would be back on Twitch on February 5. That means she received a 30-day ban for what was her third punishment. While fans expressed frustration with CodeMiko being suspended for such a long time for such a seemingly small mistake, CodeMiko offered a positive note on her return. 

CodeMiko said that she has some “game-changing new stuff” in store for her stream. This seems to include a “streamer Pokemon game” that includes 150 streamers. 


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