Coachella Fortnite

All we know about the Coachella X Fortnite event

By Olivia Richman


Apr 13, 2023

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Fortnite players will soon be able to visit Coachella Island, which will include art installations, merch, and minigames.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the biggest music events of the year. And it’s returning to Fortnite thanks to a partnership that includes concerts and cosmetics. Coachella Island is coming to Fortnite’s Creative mode on Friday, April 14, at 12 PM PST.

What is Coachella Island in Fortnite?

Coachella Island is a virtual world within Fortnite’s Creative mode, built by Alliance Studios. The vibrant island embodies the spirit of Coachella, including the Coachella Ferris Wheel and the signature palm trees and desert terrain of Coachella Valley.

While on Coachella Island, players can explore the Art Park. This features three art installations created by members of the Fortnite community. There is also a virtual merch tent and other installations inspired by the IRL festival. There will be team-based minigames for players to participate in.

How to get to Coachella Island in Fortnite

Coachella Island is full of music, art, and vibes. To get to Coachella Island, you’ll need to enter its Discover or Island code. The code is 5449-4207-1280.

Coachella Quests

Coachella Island will have quests for festival goers to complete, which include competing in the mini-games or dancing. The first week of quests will be from April 14 to April 20, followed by a second week of new quests from April 21 to April 28.

Coachella Quests Week 1

  • Soar in the Sky Stream at Coachella Island (36,000)
  • Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island (1)
  • Collect Coins around Coachella Island (5)
  • Collect hidden Music Notes in the Mirage Speedrun at Coachella Island (4)

Coachella Quests Week 2

  • Launch Fireworks at Coachella Island (3)
  • Use a Spray at Coachella Island (1)

Here are the special items you can earn:

  • Hi-Fi Cacti Spray (Earnable from either the first or second set of Quests)
  • Look At The Sky Lobby Track (Earnable from either first or second set of Quests)
  • Cact-eye Emoticon (Earnable from either the first or second set of Quests)
  • Coachella Sunset Spray (Earnable from the second set of Quests only)

In addition to the aforementioned cosmetics, two fresh Emotes featuring music from the renowned Coachella 2023 performers Burna Boy and Bad Bunny will also be available for purchase.

Coachella cosmetics coming to Fortnite

Back in the main game, Fortnite players will see Coachella-themed skins in the Item Shop. These skins will have players looking like they are ready to get psychedelic at the fashion-forward festival.

There will also be emotes inspired by Bad Bunny and Burna Boy.

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Fortnite has done collaborations with artists in the past, including Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. There have even been virtual concerts attended by hundreds of thousands of Fortnite players, including the Marshmello concert back in 2019.


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