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Cloud9 streamer Macaiyla is leaving C9 after Twitter drama

By Olivia Richman


Feb 25, 2022

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Cloud9 streamer Macaiyla has left the esports organization after receiving backlash for an insensitive tweet.

On February 24, Macaiyla made a tweet about ongoing global conflicts and Kanye West. The since-deleted tweet had many people angry with Macaiyla, telling her that the comment was insensitive given events unfolding across the world. But Macaiyla made it clear that she didn’t agree with the issues being raised.

“My Kanye tweet was funny as f—. I don’t regret it,” Macaiyla said.

In a rant following the controversial tweet, Macaiyla added that she didn’t care if people called her ugly or a b—-. She said that she is just here to “make money” and that she isn’t upset about what “randoms online” say about her.

Cloud9 lets Macaiyla leave following Twitter drama

The Kanye West tweet was deleted because Cloud9 asked her to remove it, according to the streamer. Following the backlash, Macaiyla questioned if she should leave the Cloud9 organization so she can say whatever she wants on social media.

Macaiyla, who is notably in a relationship will fellow controversial streamer Tyler1, then decided to create a Twitter poll asking fans if she should leave Cloud9. The poll currently has 56.6K votes. Despite having a few hours left on the poll before it expired, Macaiyla decided to just ask Cloud9 to let her leave the organization.

Macaiyla no longer has any reference to Cloud9 on her profile. She recently shared a tweet jokingly looking for employment after the drama.

Meanwhile, the gaming community has been sharing screenshots of Macaiyla’s responses to people who disliked her Kanye West joke. One person even shared a screenshot where Macaiyla says “that’s life” after someone talked about loved ones being killed “right before their eyes” during an ongoing conflict.


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