Cle0h Dafran

As sinatraa ban ends, Dafran and Cle0h battle over accusations

By Olivia Richman


Sep 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca may just be a simple farmer these days, but he has been creating quite the uproar on Twitter ever since Jay “sinatraa” Won was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Cleo “Cle0h” Hernandez accused sinatraa of mental and sexual abuse earlier this year, leading Sentinels and Riot Games to investigate the claims. Cle0h provided audio recordings of sinatraa allegedly pressuring her to have sex, which sinatraa later claimed he could disprove. When he didn’t provide any evidence backing his own claim, Riot Games said that he was not cooperative with the investigation and gave him a six-month ban.

Dafran reacted negatively to this news, tweeting at the time that he didn’t believe Cle0h’s accusations. He condemned anyone who believed Cle0h, stating that it was wrong to believe sinatraa was guilty without further proof from Cle0h. Many in the streaming community accused Dafran of victim blaming at the time.

Now that sinatraa has been unbanned, Dafran is back to loudly voicing his opinion on the situation.

Dafran calls out streaming community on Twitter for believing Cle0h

Rumors started spreading earlier this week that Cle0h had dropped her charges against sinatraa. In what some clami were since-deleted tweets, Cle0h explained that the investigation was harming her mental health, causing her to stop pursuing the case.

When Dafran heard Cle0h dropped the charges, he decided to tweet about sinatraa’s situation once again.

But Cle0h has already responded to Dafran’s tweet with one of her own. This morning, Cle0h confirmed that she hadn’t drop the charges against sinatraa. In a following tweet, Cle0h added that Dafran is “off his rocker.”

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This caused Cle0h’s followers to also share their opinion of Dafran’s continued victim blaming over the past few months. Some are accusing Dafran of trying to stay relevant and in the public eye by any means necessary. Others apologized to Cle0h that she had to keep dealing with Dafran on top of the situation with sinatraa.

“All them farming pesticides got to him,” Cle0h joked.