Chris Tyson

“Chris isn’t my nightmare”: MrBeast lashes out at haters

By Olivia Richman


Apr 14, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Chris Tyson has been in the spotlight ever since fans started noticing that his appearance was changing. YouTuber SunnyV2 caught wind of the drama and claimed that Tyson would be a “nightmare” for friend Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, leading to a harsh response from the charitable content creator.

MrBeast is the biggest name on YouTube, boasting over 145 million subscribers (even beating PewDiePie). With so many eyes on his content, it’s no surprise that fans were quick to notice that one of his friends, Tyson, was growing out his hair and changing his clothing. Soon, a tweet asking Tyson “what happened” started to go viral.

In response, Tyson explained that he’s on HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, something that “saved” his life. Tyson went on to tweet that gender affirming care should have more support in this country but did not explicitly say he was trans. He said that any pronouns are okay on his Twitter bio, leaving some fans confused.

With many people still wondering about Tyson, SunnyV2 created a YouTube video called “Why Chris Will Soon Be a Nightmare for MrBeast.” The video explained that Tyson went from the “quintessential truck and gun-loving dude” to someone displaying feminine traits, something that would become drama for MrBeast.

MrBeast responds to Chris Tyson haters

It’s no surprise that Tyson’s appearance has been a source of controversy in the streaming community, with the LGBTQ+ community currently under attack from conservatives in their communities and in the government. It has become a very hot topic with divided yet strong opinions, which is why SunnyV2 felt that Tyson would become a source of drama for MrBeast.

Tyson has already faced a lot of criticism for his appearance as well as a recent divorce from his wife, with whom he shares a child. Many expressed that Tyson appeared to have left his family so he could pursue his transformation, with some leaving disappointed comments on MrBeast’s videos about Tyson going from “lighting campfires with his beautiful wife” to “having long nails.”

“If there’s anything we’ve learned anything from Hollywood in recent years, it’s that adding over-the-top LGBT characters for the sake of relatability rarely works as intended, and is often nothing more than a distraction from the premise of the movie or video,” SunnyV2 ranted.

MrBeast took offense to the video, tweeting that the situation was “getting absurd.” The famous YouTuber added that Tyson wasn’t his nightmare and was instead his “friend,” stating that things between them are fine.

“All this transphobia is starting to piss me off,” MrBeast said.

On Twitter, MrBeast has continued to show his support for Tyson during this time. When Tyson tweeted about gender-affirming care, MrBeast replied “gotchu” with hearts. It’s clear that MrBeast is not bothered by Tyson’s appearance or identity. He is also not liking other people commenting on it in a negative way.